Personal information

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • demianr85
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  • done Self-motivated
  • done Meticulous
  • done Organized
  • done Self-taught
  • done Independent
  • done Critical and analytical thinking

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Bash
  • Java, C, C++
  • Rust


  • done Node.js
  • done Deno
  • done HTML 5+
  • done CSS 3+
  • done React + Hooks
  • done Redux
  • done SQL + NoSQL
  • done PostgreSQL
  • done MongoDB
  • done Redis
  • done REST
  • done Git
  • done AWS
  • done Serverless
  • done Blockchain
  • done Docker
  • done Electron
  • done Unit Testing & TDD
  • done Regular Expressions
  • done Object oriented & Functional programming


  • Spanish
  • English


  • Cambridge First Certificate exam.Grade B.


2004 - 2008

Universidad Argentina 'John F. Kennedy'

Computer Software Engineering




1996 - 2012

Colegio Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús

Art, design and communication certificate


  • Technology
  • Cycling
  • Travel
  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Finance


Full Stack Web Developer, Javascript Engineer & Node.js enthusiast

I'm a Full Stack Javascript Developer with more than 15 years of experience building complex single-page Web Apps.

I discovered Node.js in its early stages (v0.1) and made my way into asynchronous logic by creating many Apps for real-time monitoring and statistics generation. Since then, I started focusing my career on Node.js.

Currently, my preferred tech stack for building Web Apps and RESTful services is Javascript/Typescript + React/Redux + Node.js + Express + MongoDB/PostgreSQL + Heroku/AWS + Serverless

Many of my recent projects are IoT-related and rely on many AWS services, including Kinesis, Lambda, RDS, API Gateway, ElastiCache, EC2, and Elastic Beanstalk.

I have experience working with electronic devices and home-automation systems that use the MQTT protocol for pub-sub real-time communication.

I like having the possibility to research and stay up to date with the latest tech trends to innovate and develop stunning products with high functionality, usability, and visualizations.

I consider myself to have critical and analytical thinking, being meticulous, organized, and self-motivated. I'm also an advocate of TDD and writing clean, modular, and maintainable code.


Freelance Software developer

May 2021 -

Full Stack Node.js Developer


May 2017 - May 20214 years

Participated in many IoT projects based on Xively / Google Cloud platform.
Technologies and languages used: Node.js, Typescript, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, Redis, MQTT protocol for device real-time communication.
Most of the applications were built based on serverless architectures hosted on AWS.

Full Stack Node.js Developer

Team Capture

Nov 2016 - Apr 20175 months

Created an Electron cross-platform application using WebRTC and cutting edge Web technologies for video/screen/audio real-time sharing.

Full Stack Node.js Developer


Sep 2016 - Oct 20161 month

Implemented various providers for a real-time bidding platform based on the OpenRTB latest specification.
Also carried out the transition to the latest LTS version of Node.js using ES6 cutting-edge features, while improving performance, code readability and modularity.

Frontend Engineer


Jan 2013 - Aug 20163 years, 7 months

I worked on innovative features for the user interface of an enterprise recruiting Web application.
Using Javascript ES6 features, I proposed enhancements to the core UI framework.
Heavy use of TDD, UI & Unit testing.
Led a small team and developed a social network from scratch.

Node.js Engineer


Sep 2010 - Dec 20122 years, 3 months

I was involved in the design and development of various Web applications using social APIs in order to monitor the popularity of brands and/or entities.
I worked with a small team as the development leader.
We used Twitter streaming API for real time data analysis, Node.js as the core technology, PerconaDB and NoSQL solutions like MongoDB & Redis to solve performance issues.
Heavy use of Javascript & Web APIs at the front-end for realtime statistics generation.

Technical Leader


Jan 2009 - Sep 20101 year, 8 months

I led a small team and crafted an online Bingo and a multisearch engine implementing more than 10 APIs for flight, hotel and holidays.

Web Developer

GFDD Group

Feb 2007 - Sep 20092 years, 7 months

Web 2.0 development.
I also developed a small Java desktop application to control a remote music player.

Web Developer

Sep 2006 - Dec 20063 months

I created a photo gallery from scratch, employing all the Web 2.0 concepts and using GraphicsMagick server-side for image manipulation.